Apps and solutions for Windows Phone based smartphones Complete apps solutions from the backend to the user experience Complete apps solutions from the backend to the user experience Complete apps solutions from the backend to the user experience Apps and solutions for Windows Phone based smartphones


Spring .NET

Spring.NET is an open source application framework that makes building enterprise .NET applications easier. Providing components based on proven design patterns that can be integrated into all tiers of the application architecture, Spring helps increase development productivity and improve application quality and performance. The design of Spring.NET is based on the Java version of the Spring Framework, which has shown real-world benefits and is used in thousands of enterprise applications world wide. Spring .NET is not a quick port from the Java version, but rather a 'spiritual port' based on following proven architectural and design patterns in that are not tied to a particular platform.

Windows 8

Windows 8 is the brand new Microsoft technological creature. We can cover its whole family: from the classical PC store apps to the Phone apps winking at WinRT world. Our experience started with the oldest Microsoft mobile platforms and we can easily manage every aspect of the .NET technology. Windows RT (8) and related had a paradigmatic shift on the UI and all the way apps and components communicate through contracts, as well as new additions like live tiles and UI effects. We have already published a number of W8 Apps and had a long experience on Azure and notification mechanisms which are key to any real life W8 App.


Server Side back ends with Node.js and MongoDB are also a premiere choice for integrating Windows 8 Apps through a wide and extended set of API and Services. This is also an open end option for delivering multi-platform native Apps with a single high performing back-end solution. Ennova Research's experience on integrating W8 Apps on one of the most diffused software stack based on Node.js and MongoDB, creates a unique native experience at any level on the App side, on deploying on different OS platforms like iOS, Android and W8 using a common back-end.

Programming languages

What's the best programming language for your Windows 8 app? .NET, JavaScript with HTML/Canvas, or C++. Ennova makes use of all of these programming languages in order to bring applications to life. Having experts for any of these technologies, Ennova could help you in your natural or favourite technology, moving faster amongst them.



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Toshiba Places

Category: Desktop
Client: Toshiba

Toshiba Places is your gateway to the best of the Internet, brought to you by a name you can trust. Think of it as a shopping mall with different stores offering convenience, value and choice. Each of the Places allows you to access a world of content for your device, including music, videos, ebooks and games. Plus you can buy extended warranties, insurance and other services for your Toshiba device. And you'll find easy links to useful Toshiba support resources too. Features Browse through different Places for different categories of products and services: Music, eBooks, Videos, Games plus extended Warranties and other services for your Toshiba Product. Useful links to support resources, downloads and more. Further categories, for example software and Toshiba hardware products (depending on country).

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Tweet Wall

Category: Desktop

Tweet Wall allows you to follow a Twitter hashtag in a simple and intuitive way. Follow the trend of the moment on Twitter. Take advantage of the views Filled & Snapped to continue following tweets while using other apps.

Event Wall

Category: Desktop

Want to stay updated on what's happening around the world? Want to follow the discussions of the moment? Event Wall follows up to 3 Twitter hashtags and let you go deeper on the topics linking the related Wikipedia results. Keep the focus on the Twitter hashtags you are more interested in. Learn more on the topics through Wikipedia.

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Visit Veneto

Category: Desktop

The official tourism application of Regione Veneto. This application let user easily discover a world of places to visit in Veneto region using geolocalization services and high impact user interface. The application is available for both phones and desktop devices.

Magento Shop

Category: Desktop

An administrative tool for your Magento based e-commerce. The interface has been designed with Modern principles and focuses user on very important information in a clear and intuitive experience.

Magento Shop

Category: Mobile App

Brings your Magento based e-commerce to the mobile users! With this application, user can have your shop on her fingers. Enhance the user experience with geolocalized notifications and other candies.

Simply Med

Category: Mobile App

This application helps medical personnel in their everyday work. Posology and patients are controlled by a 1D/2D codes scanning protocol in order to let medical personell make no mistakes. The application uses hospital IT infrastructure or Azure based services.